Day before yesterday, i was just doing some scribble on my board and got this output... love to share with all of u... indian railway station is a place.. which is very close to my heart. one strong reason.. my father is from railway .. and i brought up in railway environment...
i believe its the only place in this world where we can see Real life , different kinds of characters... like rich, poor, beggar, animals, sportspeople, celebrity.... every part of life... real live Canvas of this world..
This is one of the place which taught me arts, use to go here sit, and try to put different characters, object on my papers.


Prashant Sree said…
Hi Buddy,

Came across your blog.,. Just two word to describe it.

Stupendous and Amazing !!

I would love to add you in my friends list... Can i have your mail id, i want to discuss something with you...

Cheers Buddy

Take Control

Rajesh R.Nair said…
Hi Prashant.. thanks a lot friend..
sure.. its my pleasure..

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