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Often times in relationships, we do run into such blocks. Prudence calls that one calms down and tries to talk. It is only open, sincere and ardent conversation that can always build the bridge back, and break the deathly silence.

I like to say thanks to praveen.. who has given me this wonderful lines.. after seeing first part of this.. thnx praveen..
situation where some time we people dont know how to react… where we wouldnt be able to find wats going wrong…. situation will go go go out of our hand ….creates a enviornment where every thing looks negative and out of world.. it happens with every one in every relationship… where we know things r not going rite.. but WHY ? WHO ? WHERE ? WHAT ?…. can't get the answers ……… finally this all questions will make us silent….
New character Rakth_ A Red
Modelling is done in 3d and did some photoshop effect...