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Chintu Iyyer...
age 12 yrs, date of birth 25th june 1994, Tamil Nadu...

Looks very innocent, Hey hey don t go on his face... he is very sharp, smart .....intellegent guy..
His dream to become an indian bill gates..
He is developing Operating system for Children...

dont laugh guys.... i already mentioned ..
dont go on his face or age...

His aim to help children.. who r physically disable...he want to give all kind of happiness to them...
which all mighty God forgot to give...
This was my 3d Project during my C-DAC, NMRC pune. It was experiment with 3d model. This was my own concept and experiment, where i tried to convey message in fantasy way.
In brief, we all people are having two phases .. one is +ve and other is -ve, both are very strong and powerful. It depends which one is having more impact on u.
I personally believe its our negative thinking, which makes us to divide most powerful God almighty. Some people call God, Eshwar, Allaha & Wahe Guru... I believe all are same.. God is a such a power. Which cannot be defined .. no one can see... only we can feel.
For me God is powerful light / power which controlls whole world, In this small animation ... One light of peace comes from Sun and .. this goes and break our negative thinking which is very strong within all and finally gives the message that all religion are same.... so dont divide
Believe in him/ her and respect all religion, that is the only way to understand this humanism. Before doing any…
Online elearning tool, with web 2.0 components such as blog, testimonial. This interface its one more idea, Color , style everything will be customizable.
Photographer LNIN's online portfolio. This going to be in flash with drag able windows.
Bhola one of my character, he is from banaras[UP]. his aim to be greatest player ..... and win olympic medal for india.
This personality i captured on my notebook when i was in mumbai central station. Now its on my desktop by mouse.
Gandhi, Father of Nation... tried with my mouse...