This was my 3d Project during my C-DAC, NMRC pune. It was experiment with 3d model. This was my own concept and experiment, where i tried to convey message in fantasy way.
In brief, we all people are having two phases .. one is +ve and other is -ve, both are very strong and powerful. It depends which one is having more impact on u.
I personally believe its our negative thinking, which makes us to divide most powerful God almighty. Some people call God, Eshwar, Allaha & Wahe Guru... I believe all are same.. God is a such a power. Which cannot be defined .. no one can see... only we can feel.
For me God is powerful light / power which controlls whole world, In this small animation ... One light of peace comes from Sun and .. this goes and break our negative thinking which is very strong within all and finally gives the message that all religion are same.... so dont divide
Believe in him/ her and respect all religion, that is the only way to understand this humanism. Before doing any wrong act, we should think atleast once that God has given us birth as a humans so we should be thankful to almighty / supernatural power. That is greatest gift God has given to us, Preserve and respect that gift. Otherwise, one day will come when only animals will be there on the earth.... Hope this ray of light will open and take out our negative mentality from all of our hearts.
If any of my lines hurting any one, extremely sorry.... but its just my personal view and imagination.

Note - I am not good in writing.. if any mistakes are there. sorry :)

Rajesh R.Nair


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