Here i like to share one of my friend MATHEW's work..... Usually Artist people do art with lot of thinkings and ideas... but this guy works with his heart.... its a great pleasure for me to share his latest painting with all of you. This one he made for one of his Colleague... The thing which differs this guy from others HE is POET CUM ARTIST....

Title of this one Could have been a cold winters night ...

It was one of those days when we thought..
"I should have stayed at home .."

while i toiled along to reach "Half Peak"

Was lonely and cold .. when i saw a light
Is usual to hallucinate was what i thought ..
but was worth to give it a shot

Blury eyed ..I followed the light ..
which seemed to shine on me .

Seem to remind me of something

that was lost and found .. and again lost.

Probably it was never mine ..

No sooner the light was for real
a kindle by the glaciers mouth ..
with a battered tea kettle ,saw a figurine

all wrapped up and cosy .

"By tomorrow Half peak would be mine" he said

"Why don't you sit down and have a sip .." he continued
"Its usual ..." I could feel blood running down my limbs
and brain ..It became warm and cosy

Thought about the light that saved me
Which drew me towards warmth and light
thought about the warmth of the stranger,else..
could have been a cold winters night


Sleepstud said…
He's a good poem writer. I was almost a short story, though. I mean, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Very nice picture he made, too.
lady said…
The words are beautiful, for it's not just the warmth of the fire that attracts. It is also the passion that draws two people together in one space. I like it.

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