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10-6 = 4 = Mathematics Teacher

My Father taught me this.. when i was in class 4th or 5th. 10-6 = 4 = Maths Teacher

Boy from boy - 11 Steps

One of my fav trick to draw boy character. Interesting part.. i have learned this great trick from my class 5th Student. love to say thanks to him

Pandit ji from D

PANDIT JI from D 12 Magical touch I have been thinking of submitting some of the basic drawings tricks.. which I learned from my father when i was kid :). For me these are the Alphabets of my visual language and today its my bread and butter. This is my first submission of that series. I believe.. to become a artist we should have innocent kid in ourselves... who is naughty, who thinks silly, who gets excited with everything, who has emotions .. . ...... :)